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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Switzerland and Germany

I went to Lucerne, Switzerland and Munich, Germany this past weekend with my university. I never thought I would be fortunate enough to travel to all of these wonderful places while abroad, so it’s crazy to think I went there for the weekend.

 Lucerne was breathtaking. It was a bit foggy, but that added to the whole ambiance of the gorgeous lake town. Lucerne is situated in the valley of the Swiss Alps on the edge of a beautiful lake. We had a couple hours there before taking a lift to the top of the Alps. I enjoyed an Almond Americano in a coffee shop and a stroll around part of the lake. After Lucerne, we rode a tram that took us to one of the highest peaks in the Swiss Alps. When we got to the top, we had a swanky lunch prepared for us at the restaurant in the hotel. I felt like quite the VIP.

 After lunch I gazed at the mountains for a good while. The visibility was still a bit foggy, but every now and then, the clouds would move and you could get a peak of the peaks. I felt so small and insignificant, thinking about God’s creativity and ability to move the mountains. The Swiss Alps are unlike anything I’ve seen before, and I am in love with them. Switzerland is a gorgeous place, and I’d love to go back. On the tram ride down, Suzanna and I had a duet performance in honor of Rodger’s and Hammerstein’s “Sound of Music.” It was altogether fitting that we do this, considering the scenery surrounding us. It made so much sense and we sounded so good (ahem). Almost comparable to Julie Andrews…

 Munich is full of culture and beauty. A place where the people drink more beer than water. Which is crazy because their water is goood. We had a tour of the city and Saturday night we experienced dinner at the Hofbrauhaus. If you’ve ever been to Germany in Epcot at Disneyworld, the restaurant with the long tables, the band at the front with the yodelers, that’s what the Hofbrauhaus is like. They serve beer in 1 liter Steins, bratwurst, potato salad, spaetzle, pretzels, and apple strudel. The band was tooting away on their tubas, like the marionettes in the "Sound of Music," all decked out in their lederhosen and suspenders. After practically every song, everyone would stand and sing Germany's national anthem (at least, I think that's what it was) and then "cheers" to everyone. It was a fun experience, full of loud German wannabes.

 Sunday was a more solemn day. We went to Dachau, one of the first concentration camps in Germany during WWII. In middle and high school, you hear about the inhumanity and harrowing circumstances of concentration camps, but to be there and see the conditions in which these people lived was unexplainable. It was humbling to stand on the grounds. I don’t mean to sound depressing, but the truth is, it was. But I was fortunate to see it, and for that I was glad to see it.

 On the way back to Florence, we drove through Austria. I so wish we had time to get out and walk around. With mountains towering over each side of you and little towns around each turn, I felt like I was in the Prelude of, once again, "Sound of Music." I couldn’t get it out of my head the whole weekend! The wonderful thing about bus rides is the freedom to let your mind wander without having to worry about where you are going. So with that, I gazed out the window and daydreamed about Captain Von Trapp singing Edelweiss to me. Only he can remain a man while singing about a flower. Sigh, what a man.

 It was a magical and musical weekend, and I absolutely loved it.

The hillsss are aliiive

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  1. Thanks for sharing, we are seeing through your eyes and dreaming with your words.